Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/4/24

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin on Independence Day! The Constitution won. The Supreme Court majority has just made it harder to prosecute Biden for his offenses in office, starting with immigration and the special counsel’s report. The Democrats should actually thank the Court. It has been the official position of the DOJ for more than half a century that they cannot indict a sitting president for, among other reasons, it would essentially decapitate the executive branch; moreover, those involved in such a process (grand jury, prosecutor, judge, etc. ought not to hold such power over a president who is elected by the entire nation. The immunity issue flows from that — that is, if a president knows he can be indicted for his official acts by a subsequent administration after he leaves office, it would cripple his ability to exercise his duties. He would have to wonder whether a quick decision or a difficult decision or a decision that seemed right at the time would be subjected to criminal scrutiny after the fact, and after he had left office. The presidency would be gravely damaged. This would have fundamentally altered the separation of powers, greatly weakening the office of the presidency, and effectively amend the Constitution by criminal prosecution. No longer would there be the balance and division among the branches that the Framers worked so hard to enshrine. The January 6 case was built on 3-statutes having nothing to do with the events of January 6 and nothing to do with insurrection or sedition. The statutes have never been applied in the way that Jack Smith applied them. AG Merrick Garland and Jack Smith are disfiguring the Constitution, and the Supreme Court, as well as Judge Cannon, are doing their best to set things straight and place things back in the Constitutional box. It is Smith, a historically rogue and vile prosecutor, who deserves our contempt, along with his boss, Garland. The January 6 case is a farce. The documents case was utterly unnecessary. He and the Democrats may be in a rush to destroy a Constitution they have never admired, and whose authors they hate, in pursuit of their American-Marxist police-state, but the rest of us are not. Also, President Biden gave a primetime address and sent Smith, Judge Chutkan, and Garland their marching orders: keep pushing this farcical January 6 case and try and drag it across the finish line before the election. Keep up the lawfare like never before. Biden had 4 executive orders stopped by the Supreme Court. If Biden believed a president shouldn’t be a dictator why did he defy the court? His rhetoric and actions don’t match.

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