Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/8/21

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, the manner is which President Biden is leaving Afghanistan is a disgrace. We have Afghan interpreters who have helped us and the Biden administration won’t do everything they can to get them out. We can’t win wars if we treat our allies this way. Anyone who crosses the U.S/Mexico border is welcomed but those who are allied with us have to beg to get out of Afghanistan. Later, Rudy Giuliani’s license was suspended for defending his client, Donald Trump. Despite all of the corrupt lawyers out there they chose Rudy Giuliani for his affiliation and allegiance to Trump. Then, John Heubusch, Executive Director of the Reagan Foundation, joins the show to announce the only in-person book signing for Mark’s new book (to date) to be held at the Reagan Library. The left will try to discredit this movement by attacking this book, this program, and the facts. But, we must all be modern-day Thomas Paine’s and get this message out to the masses. Afterward, Democrats across America have no idea what to do to fix the crime problem that they created in big cities across the country. The spike in crime is the result of leftwing judges, prosecutors, and mayors – appointed and elected – that have released criminals from prisons and refused to prosecute crimes in their communities. These policies harm communities of color more than any other community. It’s not the police that are harming these communities it’s the criminal elements within these communities acting with impunity because of these Democrat policies. Its always been illegal to kill and steal; Democrats have to realize that more laws won’t stop people from committing crimes, more cops will.


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