Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/8/24

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat party is about party first. When we listen to the debate about President Biden staying in the race or not, the issue is never what’s best for the country. Kamala Harris must not be the Democrat nominee should Biden drop out. She has spent 4-years covering up Biden’s dementia. She has been a loyal propagandist, repeatedly lying to the American people about Biden’s fitness, sharpness, wisdom, decision-making, etc. The indisputable fact is that our Constitution cannot properly work when the vice president is nothing more than a self-serving, dishonest, reliable propagandist for an incapacitated president. The 25th amendment was drafted, adopted, and ratified to specifically address, among other things, a situation just like this – that is, where the president is not able to competently undertake his immensely important duties, which are uniquely vested in the office of the presidency. The vice president has known his condition. But she has put her own political ambitions and those of her party ahead of her Constitutional duties to the nation, for which she swore an oath. America faces a two-fold constitutional crisis: a president who is not competent to hold office and a vice president who refused to uphold the Constitution. Later, unless Sen Marco Rubio moves out of Florida and/or legally assumes residence in a state other than Florida he can’t be selected as President Trump’s vice-presidential running mate. Trump is also a resident of Florida. It also assumes Rubio would resign from the Senate as Florida’s senior senator as he’d no longer be a resident of Florida and could no longer represent the citizens there. I doubt this constitutional sleight of hand would go down well with lots of people even if he pulled it off. Afterward, Israel is under siege. Iran is now arming peaceful Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ and Iran is arming Hezbollah in Lebanon. Now we find out there are tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt that could not have been built without the Egyptian military knowing about it and helping them build it. One serious problem Israel has is that its generals want to be prime minister. There’s effectively no separation of civilian from military. Yoav Gallant thinks he should run the government. Benny Gantz thinks he should run the government. They undermine Netanyahu privately and publicly and go around his back to Biden and Blinken. Leak to the press. Even in the midst of the war they plot, scheme, and backstab. Finally, Zuhdi Jasser calls in to discuss his race for Congress in Arizona’s 4th district.

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