Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/11/21

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, there’s a coup taking place, an un-armed insurrection in the Capitol by the Democrat Party. As Thomas Jefferson said, this is the tyranny of the legislature. Congress doesn’t have the power to attack America’s sovereignty or to open our borders, brainwash our children and promote racism. Everything going on in Washington DC is an extraconstitutional subterfuge. The Democrat Party is an evil political institution that protected slavery and creates the Jim Crow laws all while being shielded by their propagandists in the media. The once-great Republican Party is filled with quislings led by Mitch McConnell and every single baby born will now have a debt of $750,000 as soon as they are born as a result of today’s capitulation on the infrastructure bill. Then, President Biden doesn’t care about America, he is a selfish street-thug politician supported by an unqualified vice president who’s failing miserably at the border, a power-hungry Senate Majority Leader using New York to guide all of America, and a Speaker of the House who’s a San Francisco psycho! Later, transgenderism and critical race theory are not government education, it’s Democrat Party indoctrination. Children are being taught to be American Marxists with disdain for this country and this is how you change and destroy a nation. Afterward, the CDC is misreporting the infection count coming out of Florida, this was subsequently reported by the media as a new record high. of course, the correction of those numbers was never reported.


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