Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/13/21

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Larry O’Connor of WMAL fills in for Mark. The military did its job in Afghanistan, but Joe Biden and military leadership was never clear on what the end game was, just like how Biden ruined the roll-out of the vaccine that Trump handed over to him. was the only one that took a firm position on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, but now Biden hastily and thoughtlessly pulled out and the Taliban is taking over while Biden is pleading with them to spare our Embassy. Then, faith family and what the founders stood for is what gives us all hope to rise up against injustice and to stand for liberty. Something learned from Andrew Breitbart was how to affect the culture because that is exactly where the left creeps in. This is precisely what Mark Levin points out in American Marxism, but the best part is he provides the blueprint for how Americans can fight back. Later, school boards in Loudon County have launched a movement of parents fighting against critical race theory and transgender policies. Those that defend traditional, biological pronouns are chastised for not being woke. They claim it’s about the prevention of bullying, but it’s really about grouping children the way they’d prefer to group them.  Also, the teacher’s union in Florida is reporting to news outlets that four Broward County teachers have died in one day. The fourth person wasn’t even a teacher, but facts seem to have little value to the left within the teacher’s union. This is an attempt to paint teachers as victims of Governor Ron DeSantis’ policies because the county is currently in a heated debate with the governor over mask mandates for students.


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