Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/16/21

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On Monday’s Mark Levin show, President Biden has just reversed 20 years of enormous progress in Afghanistan, which was not a 20-year war. The US has been supplying air power and intelligence to the Afghan forces since 2014. The Taliban is not known to be one of the world’s strongest armies, but when Biden makes the mistake to end all of that abruptly you get an emboldened enemy who didn’t have an air force but might certainly have one now, given the number of helicopters and equipment left behind by Biden’s rapid troop withdrawal. Biden’s response was dishonest, he blamed Donald Trump, and it was outrageously political. The disastrous scene caused by Biden’s petulance is something we’d never seen during Trump’s tenure. Allies around the world are watching and surely this does not inspire confidence. Then, Sen. Tom Cotton, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, joins the show to explain why Biden made such a strategic blunder leaving Americans behind enemy lines. Cotton added that irrespective of your thoughts on the withdrawal we must recognize that it was gravely incompetent to do it this haphazardly and against the advice of all military leaders. Later, Col. Richard Kemp (Ret.) commander of the United Kingdom’s military forces in Afghanistan, calls in to articulate that the execution of this US withdrawal is a disaster. The morale of the brave men of the fledgling Afghan military has collapsed more devastatingly than the country itself; what Biden’s done is a disgrace. Afterward, Sean Parnell, a retired Army infantry captain, and veteran of Afghanistan calls in to highlight how Biden hasn’t even spoken with the Prime minister of Pakistan about the exfiltration and this blame falls squarely on the ‘suits, not the boots.’

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TV: Biden's Afghanistan Disgrace

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