Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/17/21

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, one of several terrorists released by President Obama is the current leader of the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. This is one of the most appalling surrenders by any superpower, ever. President Joe Biden has endangered our country as it now faces the threat of terrorism like it hasn’t since 9/11. The Taliban are the ideological equivalent of early-century barbarians. What is the United States giving the Taliban in these negotiations to get Afghans to the Kabul airport? Then, support for the withdrawal plummets as the Taliban has taken control. One poll indicates that upon learning that the Taliban would regain power, most people no longer support a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Later, the Donald Trump critics chant that Trump negotiated this withdrawal, what they fail to recognize is that Trump’s approach was principled and based on making progress in Afghanistan, not the chaos that’s occurring now. Trump was firm and always willing to cut a deal, but he never would have surrendered leaving contractors, and civilians behind. Afterward, James Madison’s writings on property rights are clear, yet the Supreme Court and Joe Biden disagree. In the same way we protect our private property we must protect our own bodies. The government must not be the entity that decides what happens to one’s own property; the individual’s liberty is their own to protect and utilize as they wish. Madison concluded that a government that doesn’t sacredly guard private property rights is therefore putting it in peril.

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