Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/19/21

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, removing 2,500 non-combat personnel from Afghanistan that weren’t even in harm’s way was not necessary. The United States didn’t have a battalion of Marines on the ground because the Afghans were fighting for their country and our men and women were in intelligence and support roles. The 2,500 Americans withdrawn from Afghanistan prematurely were at no greater risk in an impenetrable base built by the soviets than if they were in downtown Chicago. The outcome in Afghanistan was as good of an outcome as one might expect until President Biden ruined it. Then, the Biden Administration is soft and allowing the Islamonazi regime in Tehran to do whatever they want. Trump was choking off the economy in Iran so they couldn’t enrich uranium. Now, due to Biden’s recklessness, the very same sons and daughters Biden says he wants to protect, will be more endangered than ever.  There has been more death on this planet from totalitarians in the last 100 years than at any other time in history. Later, Biden argued that 1 trillion dollars over 20 years had to stop yet he’s signed away multiple trillions over the past eight months. Biden is a liar that doesn’t care. We know this from a newly-released confidential memo from July where the State Department indicates that Biden did in fact know that Afghanistan would collapse.  

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