Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/23/21

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we are witnessing the beginning of a genocide in Afghanistan and the U.S government is lying to us. Our country’s resolve is weakening, and few are calling for military action to extract Americans and allies from this Biden-made disaster. When one preaches that their own country is racist and creates disdain for one’s own flag and national anthem you get politicians and media types that promote big lies about America. Sadly, America has wound up with patriotically feeble idealogues that are too weak to project strength overseas. This is how a nation falters and ultimately declines. It’s exacerbated by a media intent on pushing anti-Americanism that has historically backed despots like Stalin and Castro. When a nation has lost its virtue and its resolve, its moral guide, bad things happen. It is up to those Americans that still have the resolve to reverse course and save this great nation. Then, American leaders like National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and DOD Sec. Lloyd Austin have all but told the Americans that are left behind that they are on their own in getting to the Kabul airport. Conversely, Col. Richard Kemp (Ret.) of the UK forces says that Biden’s actions are beyond impeachment and as Commander-In-Chief he should be court-martialed. Later, a review by the Public Interest Legal Foundation of the mail-in ballots in the 2020 general election found that 1.1 million votes were marked undeliverable, then another 14 million met a similar fate according to reporting from the Daily Signal. The margin of victory in some states was only 43,000 votes in certain states. Afterward, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in and shared that military force may be necessary to rescue the Americans that are stranded in Afghanistan who are being beaten and robbed by the Taliban. Cotton reiterated that Biden has put the generals in a very tense situation with his poor leadership.

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