Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/26/21

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, every last General that aided and abetted President Biden in this disastrous Afghanistan surrender that has now claimed the lives of 13 US Marines should all be court-martialed. It was President Biden that pulled the military out of Afghanistan and put our citizens abroad in danger. It was Biden that pulled the air support and intelligence from Afghanistan before evacuating our citizens and allies. Is the left going to blame the military for being complicit in White supremacy, like they did weeks ago, or will they finally just stay shut?  Then, Rep. Jim Banks, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, calls in to agree that steps need to be taken to begin impeachment hearings on Biden. Banks added that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was the General advising then-President Obama that ISIS was the “J.V. team” and that Biden must replace all the generals if the US is to succeed in getting Americans out of Afghanistan. Afterward, Rep. Claudia Tenney calls in to discuss her formal letter to Speaker Pelosi pursuing the impeachment of Joe Biden. Later, too many reporters are buying into Biden’s lies and stupidity on Afghanistan. Despite Republicans calling for resignations too few are stopping the evil ideological movement that is afoot in our own country, American Marxism.


Fireside Chat Ep. 201 — Crisis in Afghanistan & Tyranny in Australia

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