Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 8/9/21

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Barack Obama threw a lavish party in his 12-million-dollar mansion in Martha’s Vinyard. Despite accomplishing so little as president, he gained much wealth afterward. Now he and the former first lady live like monarchs while claiming to be down for the revolution. In the French revolution, the monarchs didn’t fair well yet our own modern monarchs benefit from the very system they claim is corrupt and unequal. This class of nobility crystallizes the concept of American Marxism. They have become the very same rich they rail against and use the middle class that they got rich on to begin with. Despite his mental illness, Rousseau informed Marx’s teaching that people should surrender their individuality to have a peoples’ society, in effect totalitarianism in the name of the people. Afterward, Officer Ella French was shot and killed in Chicago and her partner is in critical condition. Sadly, Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush want to defund the police, which is detestable. She is not standing up for Black people by defunding the police, she’s stepping on their throats because defunding the police is supporting murder. It’s time that police officers and their unions need to rise up in peaceful protest against their local government’s embrace of lawlessness. If the teacher’s unions can organize and protest the cops should too. Later, the democrats sewed the seeds of doubt in Trump’s vaccine and now they are paying the price. Anthony Fauci is a disaster and has a reputation in question over the funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They’ve known about the delta variant in India since December, what did Biden and Fauci do about it? Nothing. This is why people don’t trust the government. Forced vaccinations on young children would be an act of medical malpractice.


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