Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 9/1/20

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, KARN radio host Doc Washburn fills in for Mark. America dodged a bullet with Hillary Clinton, but America is not out of the dark just yet. Democrat Mayors have their police on stand-down orders. Despite the nearly 100 days of violence they’ve endured in Portland, Mayor Wheeler still won’t ask for federal help. Then, the CDC has released information stating that only six percent of all coronavirus deaths were solely attributable to the COVID-19 disease. The New York Times was forced to acknowledge this new data in their reporting of the virus. Gov. Ron DeSantis says that many more people are suffering from a lack of care and attention to other medical issues. Later, Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed up at a salon to get her hair done with no mask on. This indicates that not even Pelosi, who is 80 years old, believes in the efficacy of mask-wearing. Afterward, President Trump used the term “dark shadows” in a Fox News interview and it took Twitter by storm. Trump is an expert at playing the media like a violin, giving them fodder to then control the narrative. Additionally, Trump more than hinted at on-going investigations into ANTIFA and other violence.

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