Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 9/13/22

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the program reflects on the life and legacy of former Aplleleate Judge, Independent Counsel, and US Solicitor General Ken Starr. Starr was best known for his work on the Starr Report concerning the investigation of then-President Bill Clinton. Then, President Joe Biden is praising himself for the so-called Inflation Reduction Act while inflation was just measured at 8.3% (year-over-year) with increases in gas measured at 25%, electricity at 15%, and food at 11% with eggs alone at a 40% increase. The Federal Reserve cannot keep up with controlling the monetary side of Biden’s policy because the fiscal side of his spending is so out of control and will only add to inflation. Later, those criticizing ‘forever wars’ citing Ukraine as ‘none of our business’ doesn’t understand U.S interests abroad. it’s one thing to disagree with the accounting of funds disbursed, but it’s another to say we should surrender our position against genocidal maniacs. Afterward, US Sen. Marsha Blackburn joins the show to express her disdain for the Biden Administrations’ tacit support for Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Blackburn added that Israel has been forthright in their concerns and agrees that Congress should have a role in these unilateral decisions.

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