Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 9/14/22

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats are crooked, corrupt cheats that don’t accept the will of the people in elections, and they’ve been that way since their inception. Democrat Attorney Marc Elias carefully organizes scores of litigators to change election laws to improve the probability of Democrats winning. The current administration is spending millions of dollars in the way of hearings and investigations into Trump with the goal of influencing and interfering in the 2022 midterms so that they can mitigate their expected losses in congress. Yet it’s these same Democrats that say that Republicans are the ones that can’t accept the outcome of an election. Then, Mitch McConnell has said nothing critical of what the Department of Justice has done to Trump or his allies. This country has an extensive history of using the political process set up by the Constitution to challenge elections and affect a change in the outcome of an election. The federal government has no authority over statewide elections even if it’s for a federal office. Later, a Durham filing reveals that Igor Danchenko was paid by the FBI to be a confidential human source for three years even though the source had ties to Russian intelligence. The FBI will not stop going after Trump despite knowing the Steele dossier was false. Afterward, Fox News Political Analyst Gianno Caldwell joins the show to discuss details of his younger brother’s, still unsolved, recent murder. Caldwell noted that the Chicago Police has a high attrition rate due to retirements following the Defund the Police movement and now the city lacks the detectives it needs to address the skyrocketing murders. 

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