Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 9/16/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, kudos to the Republican Governors for giving Democrats a taste of their own medicine by relocating illegal immigrants to wealthy, white, liberal neighborhoods. The mechanism to change the voting population is illegal migration followed by subsequent chain migration and generations of loyal voters is their expectation. The Biden Administration is a self-appointed elitist, racist, and narcissistic ruling class that’s proven they don’t want ‘undocumented migrants,’ brown people, from Central and South America in their backyard. The Democrats’ hypocrisy is astounding, and the narco-terrorist cartels are laughing at President Biden as we lose our country. Then, Democrats have institutionalized lawlessness in the bureaucracy, at the border, and everywhere else they can. CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s policies have abused children. Later, the government has more people investigating violent domestic extremists than they do domestic terrorists. This highlights a longstanding pattern of the politicization of the Department of Justice using threat tags to target parents and citizens that disagree with the administration’s politics. Afterward, JD Vance joins the show to discuss his race for the US Senate in Ohio. Vance says that his opponent votes in lockstep with Democrats Chuck Schumer but claims to be a conservative. 

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