Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 9/3/21

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Gen. George S. Patton was an inspirational General in the American military and the movie “Patton” reenacts one of the most passionate speeches from the legendary general. This inspiration is the kind of message America needs to hear, not President Biden’s speeches that separate Americans by race. America can not embrace Biden’s trajectory of surrender, abandonment, and empowering our enemies like Iran, China, and others. Then, the media is running to the ramparts to announce the reversal of Roe. V Wade when that in fact has not happened. The White House cites biological differences but usually embraces the idea that there are no biological differences between men and birthing people. They will use any physical characteristics like race, gender, and religion to split people into groups. Later, the politicians and the media continue to disgustingly use deaths from a natural disaster to advance their climate change agenda. According to current reports, people have only tapped into a very small portion of the earth’s resources and that includes the industrial revolution. But for the liberty and mobility of We The People standing in the way, the American Marxists would have their way on every single one of their radical issues. Afterward, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lacks experience in any particular policy area, but the Democrats made her the expert on attacking capitalism in the name of climate change. She alleges that the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with humanity. Yet, it is the fossil fuel industry that is responsible for food reaching Americans all over this country. AOC’s statement is not just flawed, it is stupid. Even the scientists agree that climate–catastrophe-mongering is one of the biggest frauds in science today. 


Ep. 1046 – A President Without Honor