Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 9/9/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, freedom leaves a vacuum for Marxism and the like because people are free to choose for themselves. But, in a country where dissent is not allowed and the government, the media, and big tech social networking platforms silence disagreement as well, the next move is to monitor and purge society of those dissenters. Notice how President Biden is traveling across the country and he’s not touting his successful track record, but he is dehumanizing any citizens that disagree with him and the orthodoxy of the left. Then, we have a political party that will change our economic system so that the government can monitor and control one’s mobility by forcing the citizenry into transportation that we don’t want, housing that we don’t want, and limitations on how and if we can earn it. They’ll do it in the name of progress. The line between having enough food and complete anarchy is getting blurrier each day. Later, two Black men in Memphis were caught on video threatening to kill White people, and one succeeded in killing four individuals. This follows the brutal murder and kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher who was abducted raped and murdered days earlier. This is what happens when leftwing prosecutors allow violent repeat-offenders out without bail. Dangerous people belong in jail. Afterward, Rep. Ted Budd calls in to discuss his race for the US Senate in North Carolina. Budd highlighted how his opponent, a former judge that is soft-on-crime, is the most far-left radical extremist North Carolina has seen and she parades around as a moderate. Budd recognizes the importance of winning the Senate in 2024.

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