Mark Levin Midterm Election Special – Part Three

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On this Mark Levin podcast exclusive, this election’s important. If you go on the internet and you look at how the media are covering this election, it’s again, a disgrace. They are in full surrogate mode for the Democrat party. They keep talking about how Republican candidates are controversial. They keep talking about abortion. They keep talking about independents who were leaning Republican or now leaning Democrat. When it comes to this election, we must win, or our enemies will become emboldened. Mark takes a look at what voting Democrat in this election really means. Then, let us talk about children for a moment, which party really cares about children after birth, which party really cares about children? The Democrats will say they do, but they would be wrong. This is a different kind of election, you either vote as somebody who loves America, or you vote as somebody who hates America. It’s that simple, you’re voting for America or against America. You’re voting for your family or against your family. You’re voting for your children or against your children. Then there’s this word that the Democrats never say never crosses their lips. Freedom. 

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