Media Malfeasance and the 2016 Election

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Townhall Review – February 24, 2024

Hugh Hewitt and Byron York of the Washington Examiner highlight the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on Michigan’s electoral landscape, and the challenge it poses for Biden to appease both the progressive wing and Jewish American voters. 

Hugh Hewitt questions Senator Tom Cotton about awareness of a potential UN ceasefire resolution on Israel, suggesting American Jews might not be aware of Biden’s actions.

Dennis Prager weighs in on the progressive Democratic elite’s tactics to destroy all that is good in Western civilization.

Trish Regan reports on the CIA targeting 26 individuals of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, likening it to previous surveillance controversies involving the FBI.

Sabastian Gorka invites Matt Taibbi, the former “Twitter Files” journalist, for an extended conversation discussing new details about surveillance conducted against members of the 2016 Trump campaign, revealing connections to various international entities and suggesting a broader timeline than previously thought. He likens it to Watergate, but worse, and condemns the abuse of power by intelligence agencies and the failure of the media.


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