Michigan Woman Going to Prison After Trying Contract a Killer by Going to

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A Michigan woman named Wendy Wein is going to prison after trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband. She didn’t want to kill him herself and didn’t trust the people she knew, so she went online and landed at She went as far as meeting someone and paying a $200 down payment. The problem was that that it is a fake website. Jonathan Edwards, reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for more.

Next, booster shots have been approved for anyone over 18 that has already been fully vaccinated. Protection from getting infected starts to wane after about 6 months especially for those that are older or immunocompromised. But what should you do if you are healthy and not at risk? Does getting a booster shot take away someone’s opportunity to get their first shot? Kelsey Piper, staff writer at Vox, joins us for what to know about boosters.

Finally, you might think that marijuana and parenting don’t mix, but there is a growing movement of ‘cannamoms’ who say that consuming weed helps them to calm down, reduce anxieties and be more present in their kids’ lives. They want to fight the stigma around it and also make clear that they aren’t getting blazingly high and consider it low risk, just like a glass of wine. Jesse Staniforth, contributor to the BBC, joins us for more on ‘cannamoms.’

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