Microsoft Is Looking to Buy TikTok, Trump Wants a Cut of the Deal

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Microsoft has said that it will move forward with plans to buy the U.S. operations of TikTok after a wild weekend in which President Trump said he might want to ban the social media app in the U.S. No price has been decided yet, but this would be a big move for Microsoft into the social media world and also help with some data and privacy issues that TikTok has had. Georgia Wells, reporter at the WSJ, joins us for more.

Next, we are moving at record speed to develop and approve a vaccine for the coronavirus, but after that comes the hard part: distributing the vaccine. The coordination, planning, and communication needed to pull this off will be so complex and it has many worried, considering the poor response to the pandemic by the administration so far. Lena Sun, health reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for what could be the largest vaccination campaign ever undertaken.

Finally, while diagnostic tests for COVID-19 are more widely available now, you have to be careful when paying with insurance and where you are getting them. One woman in Houston paid for her son’s rapid-response drive-thru test with insurance and it should have cost $175, but the freestanding emergency room tried to bill $2,479. Marshall Allen, healthcare reporter at ProPublica, joins us for how out-of-network covid tests could cost you more than you think.

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