Migrant Madness in the Second City: How Asylum Seekers Ruined A Chicago Neighborhood

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Towns and suburbs across America that were once considered very safe are folding under the weight of thousands of migrants thrust upon them by President Biden’s open border policies.

On today’s Sara Carter Show, Sara shares what she saw in Chicago earlier this week and what residents said to her about their undocumented neighbors.

These residents have great concern for their fellow man and an understanding of the desire for a better life in America. But people in Chicago are horrified by the way migrants are treating their neighborhood. They share how the smell of weed is suddenly ever-present and how trash fills the local park. Wives and children are afraid to go outside after continuous cat calls and car honks as they walk down the street. The border crisis has become very real to them and the residents of many other cities and towns across our great nation.

Sara also shares her thoughts on President Biden’s first ad of the 2024 election cycle, specifically that he is America’s guardian of democracy.

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Time stamps:
0:05 I’m back in Texas
6:43 Inside Chicago
9:07 Migrants get the community center
9:46 Document to describe need
13:34 Chicago residents describe the migrant crisis
17:04 Why I am Team Trump
20:31 This wave is massive
23:18 Biden’s new commercial
27:55 How will history judge us?
28:16 Show Close



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