Mike Pompeo: America is STILL worth fighting for

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From humble origins as the grandson of Italian immigrants, Mike Pompeo has risen to the highest ranks of American service; a rise he credits to hard work, determination, and faith in God. Serving as both director of the CIA and Secretary of State, Pompeo has negotiated with the world’s most formidable leaders. Pompeo and Savage cover the key moments that marked his tenure in the Trump Administration and his predictions for what might be on the horizon. What consequences will we face due to the incompetence of the Biden Administration? How did Pompeo and the Trump Administration prevent Putin from invading Ukraine? How would Pompeo address the Russia-Ukraine War? Is China more deeply involved with Russia than we know? Pompeo recounts his meetings with Putin. Why does Pompeo call CCP leader Xi Jinping the “most dangerous man in the world?” Pompeo shares how his faith informed his leadership and his challenge to the American people to save our nation!

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