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Savage opens the lid on a cauldron of minority violence that has been heating up for years, but people don’t want to talk about it. Especially people who are liberal democrats, academics, or members of the liberal media. Key insight in this podcast is that there’s a push to go beyond traditional liberalism. Fueled by ultra leftists like The Squad but now adopted by traditionalists such as Biden & Pelosi. Liberalism is no longer good enough. Soon it will be Maoism or nothing! Discusses Andrew Sullivan piece “What Happened to You?” Also interviews Heather McDonald of the Manhattan Institute who’s written a piece called “A New Crime Wave—and What to Do About It” and offers offers stunning data and insights: black incarceration is for violent crime, not drugs as popular narrative has it; blacks account for overwhelming majority of violent crime compared to their numbers in the population; NYC crime fell under two mayors prior to DeBlasio and has skyrocketed since; police have been forced to curtail ‘proactive’ enforcement which is effective but labelled racist.

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Ep. 521 | The World Yearns For Liberty