More Report Losing Trust in Their Doctors Over the Past Year, Especially Republicans

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According to Gallup’s annual Health and Healthcare survey, among all U.S. adults, confidence in advice from doctors is down. More reported losing trust in their doctors over the past year and Republicans in particular had a 13% drop from a decade ago while Democrats’ trust increased. Jeffrey Jones, senior editor at Gallup joins us for what to know as this data is consistent with changing attitudes of trust in science.

Next, Amazon Web Services had a nine hour outage on Tuesday which led to website and streaming service disruptions, delays in package deliveries, and many smart home devices to stop working. In some cases people had to sweep their own floors or turn on their own lights, and it highlighted just how many internet-connected devices people have in their homes and the reliance on a connection to the cloud. Sarah Needleman, tech reporter at the WSJ, joins us for more.

Finally, before the pandemic, most people probably wouldn’t let a scratchy throat or even a mild cold interfere with plans, now even the sniffles can derail plans. What happens now could be an over-explanation of symptoms to rationalize missing out on something, or even the simple “It might be Covid” to get out of plans. Allie Caren, reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for what to know.

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