Moving Right

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Amala Ekpunobi, PragerU personality and host of the podcast Unapologetic sits in for Dennis… Amala tells her fascinating personal story; how she moved from the left to the right… A Minnesota judge says a biological male can compete against women in powerlifting… The goal of a young person (everybody, really) should be to get closer to the truth.  Reparations have become a big issue again. This is baffling. Reparations will solve nothing, even if you could figure out way to distribute it (you can’t).  The black community has much more serious problems to deal with… What is behind the social contagion of transgenderism?  How many people understand what police go through every day to protect us from the bad guys? There is a thin blue line between order and chaos. We forget this at our peril… Nobody despises a bad cop as much as a good cop.

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