MyPoliticalPersecution—Mike Lindell Sounds OFF

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Following a shocking new development in The Regime’s continued weaponization of the DOJ against political dissidents, Charlie is joined by the latest victim of these ongoing attacks—Mike Lindell, American Patriot, Founder of MyPillow, and longtime friend of The Charlie Kirk Show. In one of his first interviews since yesterday’s sting operation at a Minnesota Hardee’s, Mike walks Charlie through exactly how it all unfolded, detailing what was said and the Gestapo-Like mechanisms being employed by Merrick Garland in pursuit of political upheaval with less than 55 days until the Midterm Elections. After the interview, Charlie turns his sights to another development that could impact the GOP’s chances of securing a Red Wave this November: Lindsey Graham’s newly-proposed 15-week federal abortion ban. Charlie explains why this is a politically imprudent move, and—despite being ardently, 100% pro-life, why such legislation (which is destined to fail no matter what happens if it comes to the floor before Midterms) should be tabled until the next session of Congress in the hopes that a Republican legislature can pick it back up and continue the fight for life, once they presumably regain power. 

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