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Dennis and Julie examine the free market of ideas.  Virtually everyone has a podcast …is that a good thing?  It’s a good thing that one must earn their audience.  It is also good to have such variety… that you can follow what you like.  It’s great to find your niche… but is that splintering us as a society?  It seems like there’s more access to information everywhere… but are we less informed?  Other topics include: as you age you repeat yourself, and have trouble remembering things; the Oscars – Hollywood’s downfall – due to the infection of political ideology; having political conversations has become taboo – do we avoid certain topics among friends because of politics; Claudine Gay; Dennis’ son has a podcast and shares about his struggle with addiction; one of the biggest problems in the United States… is people blaming others for their problems; Like versus Love; helicopter parenting and overzealous sports parents.

Music: Straight to the Point c 2022
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