New Omicron Variant Causes Travel Bans and Big Action in the Supreme Court This Week

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The new Covid variant Omicron is beginning to spread across the world. No confirmed cases here in the U.S. just yet, but it has already caused the government to ban travel from 8 African countries. This new variant is concerning because it has a large number of mutations, which could make it more transmissible, but no data on whether it is more deadly. Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington digital editor at NBC News, joins us for this, Republicans seizing on inflation, and the Mississippi abortion case will be heard by the Supreme Court this week.

Next, the great California exodus continues, but not in the way you think. Many people are moving, but not necessarily out of state. Instead they are moving inland to the east. The Inland Empire tied Phoenix for 2020’s biggest gain in households as people are looking for bigger properties and cheaper home prices. This is also causing some of those currently living in that area to also move out east more. With this influx of new households also comes more economic opportunities and more diverse neighborhoods. Christine Mai-Duc, state politics and housing reporter at the WSJ, joins us for more.

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