New Study Shows Omicron Variant More Resistant to Vaccines, but Appears to Cause Less Severe Illness

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We are getting more information on the Omicron variant from the first large real-world study in South Africa and see protection from hospitalization fall to 70% and against infection fall to 33%. This study pitted the new variant against two shots of Pfizer, which has been widely used in the area. Denise Roland, healthcare reporter at the WSJ, joins us for what we are seeing from Omicron, more transmissible and so far, milder infections.

Next, many parents and guardians of school shooters unfortunately ignore some of the warning signs that something bad is imminent. We are seeing it with the parents of the shooter at Oxford High School in Michigan who have both been charged with involuntary manslaughter. But in once case in 2018, a grandmother took action and reporter her grandson, averting a disaster. Steven Rich, database editor for investigations at The Washington Post, joins us for more.

Finally, we are learning more about what was happening in President Trump’s inner circle during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. Through text messages provided by former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, we are seeing Trump’s son, Fox News personalities and even lawmakers plead with Meadows to convince Trump to do something to stop those storming the Capitol. Josh Gerstein, senior legal affairs reporter at Politico, joins us for what to know.

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