New UFO Report From Pentagon Argues Space Probes May Originate From Mothership

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As UFO sightings dominate headlines, scientists at the Pentagon have put forward a new theory on the origin of the mysterious craft observed by people around the globe. On today’s show, Sara examines a new report by the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO, that suggests our inter-galactic visitors may be “dandelion seeds” from a mothership. The groundbreaking report hypothesizes these probes are sent to Earth on a mission to understand our nuclear technology and harvest our resources. If America’s best scientists are taking this seriously, you should be too.

Additionally, Sara covers a shocking story out of her home state of Texas where seven cows were found dead with their tongues removed on a ranch near her home. The cows showed no sign of struggle and no tracks were left. Do aliens like tacos de lengua or is something else going on in the Lone Star State?

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