Next Big Space Mission for the Private Sector… All-Civilian Crew to Orbit Earth

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September 15 will mark another ambitious spaceflight from the private sector as we see the first all-civilian mission to orbit the Earth. SpaceX’s next crewed mission will be called Inspiration4 and the crewmembers will orbit the Earth for three days, conduct science experiments, and fly higher than the International Space Station. Miriam Kramer, space reporter at Axios, joins us for a preview of the next big space mission.

Next, an interesting story about evolution and cannibalism. The invasive species of the Australian cane toad has very few predators and with that lack of a competing species, they are turning on each other. With limited resources, cane toad tadpoles have been seen eating toad hatchlings when they are new and vulnerable. In response, the hatchlings are even developing faster so they are tougher to eat. John Timmer, science editor at Ars Technica, joins us for cannibal cane toads.

Finally, a feel good story of how a marriage certificate from 1870 was reunited with its distant family members. Hidden behind a picture frame in a thrift store in North Carolina, the weathered document had little info to go on, but a local genealogist was able to crack the clues and find the great-granddaughter of the woman from the marriage certificate. Sydney Page, reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for how this document from the 1870’s made its way home.

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