NGOs Collude With The Biden Admin To Get Rich Smuggling Migrants

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The Biden administration wants to make you an accomplice in the trafficking of children. Taking funding from the 2022 omnibus blowout spending bill, the Alejandro Mayorkas-led Department of Homeland Security is giving money to their favorite Non-Governmental Organizations to ensure that neither your home nor your land is secure.

On today’s show, Sara breaks down how this money encourages migrants to make the dangerous journey. With millions of migrants already inside the US and thousands more coming every month, Sara worries about who may be mixed in with migrants seeking economic opportunities. Will Joe Biden apologize if a terrorist abuses our system and harms someone you love? Don’t hold your breath.

We have to call this out and fight like our country is at stake to stop this madness. Join the Sara Carter Show in that fight.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 These NGOs are part of the problem
3:18 Biden giving millions to NGOs
5:54 They are working together
6:50 The money isn’t even working
7:52 Terrorists coming across the border
9:40 Money recirculated back into the system
10:12 ISIS at the border
12:34 The White House is in a panic
14:20 Catholic Charites taking over the park
15:19 These people should be sued
17:00 Show close

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