November 16, 2021

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0:00 – Dan & Amy take in the closing arguments from the Rittenhouse trial 

10:31 – Dan & Amy review the prosecution team’s performance in the Rittenhouse trial

30:02 – Dan & Amy take a look at local school boards and the battle of the books

52:43 – Dan & Amy analyze the effectiveness of masks and the origins of tyranism

01:07:12 – Kevin A Hassett, distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution

and managing director of The Lindsey Group, served as chairman of the Council

of Economic Advisers from 2017 to 2019, shares his new book The Drift: Stopping America’s Slide to Socialism. Purchase The Drift here

01:23:59 – President at Wirepoints, Ted Dabrowski, follows the infrastructure influx through Illinois’ coffers. Check out Ted’s latest – wirepoints.com01:38:16 – Scott Shay, co-founder and chairman of Signature Bank, discusses his new book Conspiracy U: A Case Study. Purchase Conspiracy U here 

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