Numb to Evil

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Dennis and Julie discuss dignity and the pernicious nature of social media.  They breakdown self-promotion versus the cancer of social media.  There is too much needless posting and there are too many needless opinions.  Parents, mostly mothers, are using their children on social media for fame and money… it’s child abuse.  Pedophilia…. has social media exacerbated it?  Polylogism is the belief that different people or groups have different forms of logic.  Sharia law… is it all bad?  Many value systems exist… moral clarity is paramount.  The death of moral clarity will be the end of civilization.  The media of the West are a bigger threat than any terrorist organization… they cause more damage.  You must use reason and pursue truth at any cost.  Cultural appropriation … is it all bad?  Can you live an electronic-less life?  The desire to be an “influencer” …does the yearning to be “important” drive the social media life?  Being deep is more valuable than having fame. 

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