One Thing Could Have Prevented Nearly ALL COVID Deaths and No One's Talking About It

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What if Vitamin D levels in COVID-Infected patients could be the difference between life and death? That’s what is now being reported in medical circles across the globe and it’s the focus of a stunning and explosive piece by Daniel Horowitz, a frequent guest and friend of this show, published recently in The Blaze. Charlie walks through the piece nearly line-by-line and unpacks the bombshell implications of what America would look like if our “public health leaders” chose to value science and life over profit and power. 


Charlie is also joined in this episode Professor Carter Snead from the University of Notre Dame School of Law to help unpack exactly what is happening with the Supreme Court and the fight to end abortion in America once and for all. He also gives his expert opinion on the fate of Roe V. Wade and we think you’ll be happy with what you hear.

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