Organized Evil: Our Enemies Are Exploiting Chaos in Venezuela & Our Open Borders

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We’re led to believe the relentless stream of people coming illegally to our country is some organic movement of people fleeing persecution or pursuing a better life. It’s not. Our enemies – think China, Russia, and Iran – are trying to sow instability in the U.S. And it’s working.

Today, Sara is joined by Center for a Secure Free Society Executive Director Joseph Humire for the first half of their critical two-part conversation. These adversaries are using the failed state of Venezuela to push migrants toward the U.S. and exploiting the migrants themselves to weaken our nation from within. Humire takes us deep into how Venezuela is critical for this plan and how the U.S. inexplicably failed to see what was happening in our own hemisphere.

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Time Stamps:
1:10 What is up with NGO’s?
5:45 Joseph Humire Joins the Sara Carter Show
8:12 You have to go there to see what is going on
10:36 Iran and the Western Hemisphere
14:06 What is Venezuela?
16:57 Nassar’s story
21:01 Is this an intelligence operation?
22:56 Weaponized Migration
23:31 UN NGO’s are a huge issue
26:05 Pueblo Sin Fronteras
28:22 The first border Venezuela attacked
31:35 Show Close

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