PASSOVER –  IT’S ALL ABOUT OUR OWN SLAVERY with Rabbi Shais Taub – #711

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You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the Passover holiday. In this remarkable conversation, Savage speaks with Rabbi Shais Taub about the meaning of Passover to all people. They reflect on the impact of intergenerational stories and parenting moments on shaping individuals. They discuss the relevance of ancient history and the ongoing geopolitical conflicts, drawing parallels between the human condition and the story of the Jews’ enslavement in Egypt. Both encourage recognizing the personal relevance of Passover and the need for humility and reliance on a higher power for redemption. Rabbi Taub emphasizes that these events are not ancient history, but current events, as they continue to impact the lives of Jews, Christians, and others. Savage explains that those attending the Passover Seder may be enslaved to various forms of personal bondage and need to recognize and break free from these chains to truly experience liberation. They emphasize that Passover is not just about commemorating historical events or consuming traditional foods, but about understanding and releasing oneself from modern-day slavery.

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