People Are Going Back to Bars and Restaurants, but Those Employees Have Moved On to Other Sectors With Better Pay and Perks

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Checking in on the restaurant and hospitality industry, things have not gotten much better yet. Businesses are still struggling to attract employees who in some cases have moved on to other sectors. Pandemic layoffs pushed many hospitality employees to seek jobs with better pay, more perks, and different career opportunities and some are not going back to their old jobs. Heather Haddon, restaurants reporter at the WSJ, joins us for more.

Next, in November of 2019 a woman with a sore throat gave an Italian hospital a skin sample that would later test positive for Covid-19. This would make her one of the world’s first suspected cases, but there’s a problem for researchers looking into its origins and trying to establish a timeline… all her details have been lost and no one knows who she is. Drew Hinshaw, senior reporter at the WSJ, joins us for this mysterious case in Italy.

Finally, why does everything feel more expensive right now? The short answer is because it is! We are paying more for everything from used cars to groceries to lumber and chicken wings. Inflation is up, but economists think this is a temporary situation as post-pandemic production bottlenecks and imbalances continue to work themselves out. Emily Stewart, senior reporter at Vox, joins us for why everything is costing more. 

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