Perspective is Everything

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Dennis and Julie share that without perspective happiness is impossible.  Being a good person requires perspective.  Life is not a bowl of cherries.  Inspired by Abigail Schrier’s book Bad Therapy they discuss the gradations of therapy. Without perspective you can’t be grateful… without being grateful you can’t be happy.  They explore the connection between happiness and being good.  Awareness of evil and knowledge of suffering provides perspective, which oddly enough, can lead to happiness.  Are you a crier?  Dennis talks about his son Aaron Prager, and APUnfiltered.  The role of the other spouse in marriage infidelity.  In most cases… victimhood is a lack of perspective. The power of example… like Charles Krauthammer.  Is victim culture the malignant outgrowth of a Judeo-Christian society? What produces better people… God’s judgement or God’s love?

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