Podcast Exclusive: The American University Crisis

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On this special Mark Levin podcast, the arrogance of America’s college and university administrations highlight the need for change in education. Mark explores the impact of funding and influence on higher education, discussing the lack of oversight in universities and colleges, the influence of financial contributions from sources such as the Hamas network and George Soros, and the consequences of an open border. Also, the complexities of the Palestinian-Jewish conflict in the biblical land are examined, including the ongoing dispute over historic claims, control of biblical towns, and the controversial movement to eliminate the Jewish people from the region. Additionally, the impact of immigration on American culture and education, the challenges of assimilation, effects on American education, and the cultural clash between Indigenous peoples and immigrants. The importance of voices of humanity, highlighting the significance of having platforms that promote humanity, liberty, tolerance, and true faith, such as TV, radio, and congressional hearings. Mark also discusses the importance of the Temple Mount and the Jewish connection to their ancestral homeland.

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