Pray for Florida | 9/28/22

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Pray for Florida as Hurricane Ian is heading toward the Florida Gulf Coast. Apparently getting vaccinated helps against hurricanes, according to Biden. Also, if you elect Democrats, there will be no hurricanes. We see how much damage nine feet of flooding can do to a city. Could Bernie Sanders become president at 83? Gas pipelines in Europe are being destroyed mysteriously. How bad could this winter be for Europe? Elon Musk surpasses the number-two slot for richest man by $100 billion. We now have video footage of the rocket impact into the asteroid. James Earl Jones gives Disney permission to replicate his voice for Darth Vader. The cost of living has gone up dramatically in the last two years. The LGBTQ community is outraged that Netflix put the Dahmer show in the LGBTQ category. Mayors continue to complain about migrants coming to their cities.

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