President Biden Sticking to August 31 Deadline in Afghanistan, Evacuations and Security Top Concerns

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President Biden has said the U.S. will stick to the August 31 deadline to evacuate from Afghanistan despite calls to stay longer. Biden said there has been over 70,000 evaluations since August 14 and also cited threats from groups like ISIS-K as reasons to not extend the timeline. While the deadline seems firm, Biden said it all depends on the actions of the Taliban. Julia Manchester, national political reporter at The Hill, joins us for the latest on the race to get out before the end of the month.

Next, the recall election of CA Gov. Gavin Newsom is under way with a deadline of September 14 for mail-in ballots. Recent polls have shown that the recall is closer to passing than Democrats would like and a lot of it comes down to voter enthusiasm. Without Trump as a foil are enough Democrats paying attention and energized to vote to defeat the recall? David Siders, national political correspondent at Politico, joins us for more.

Finally, after throat cancer surgery in 2015 left actor Val Kilmer without his natural voice he turned to UK-based software firm Sonantic for help. With audio from old movies and artificial intelligence, they were able to digitally restore his voice. While in this case the technology was used for a benefit, there are some critics that say it could be misused and affect other voice actors. Dalvin Brown, innovations reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for how AI gave Val Kilmer his voice back.

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