Press Sec. Stuns Reporters by Refusing to Criticize Communism | DIRECT MESSAGE

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report shares a clip of press secretary Jen Psaki refusing to be honest about the Cuba protests. Fox News’ Peter Doocy tries to get Jen Psaki to admit that the real reason for the Cuban protests and Cuban refugees fleeing the nation is communism. Psaki does everything she can to avoid criticizing communism as the reason for the crisis. While Cuba may be suffering from drug shortages and medicine shortages, it is Cuban communism that creates these scarcities. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter tweeted about the real cause of suffering in Cuba: the U.S. embargo. Dave also does a special “ask me anything” question-and-answer session on a wide-ranging host of topics, answering questions from the Rubin Report Locals community.

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