Prof. Gad Saad: The Left Is Turning Noble Goals Into Nonsense

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Prof. Gad Saad, author of “The Parasitic Mind,” joins Sara to explain how ideas that defy common sense and are totally divorced from reality get pushed on society and rational people are forced to embrace them or face public scorn.

Prof. Saad also reveals why so many people seem almost eager to give up their freedom and be told what to do. In addition, Saad shares insights on our political and cultural polarization, noting that it’s hard to find new common ground when there is almost no common ground to begin with any more – not even agreeing that the sun rises in the east!

Finally, Saad offers helpful advice to inoculate ourselves and our children from the onslaught of madness infecting our culture. Oh, and you don’t want to miss his passionate denunciation of the taxation system that punishes success in his nation of Canada and here in the U.S.

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