Quarantine Puppies Are Misbehaving and Why the McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Is Always Broken

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Professional dog trainers are having to deal with an increase in misbehaving pandemic puppies. Because of quarantines and shutdowns many first time dog owners didn’t properly train or socialize their pups which led them to be overly reactive or have separation anxiety. The big worry for these trainers is that if people can’t get dogs under control, they may be surrendered. Bailey Berg, contributor to Vice News, joins us for more.

Next, how many times have you gone to McDonald’s for a nice frozen treat only to be told that the ice cream machine is broken? One couple attempted to get to the bottom of why the Taylor ice cream machines that McDonald’s uses are always breaking and found that there is a secret repair menu that most workers don’t know how to access which forces them to contact the manufacturer for maintenance. This couple eventually created a way to hack the machines, only to have Taylor and McDonald’s stop them. Andy Greenberg, senior writer at Wired, joins us for the fight over hacking McDonald’s ice cream machines.

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