Rabbi Yaakov Menken: The Biden Administration’s Response to Anti-Semitism Has Been Pathetic

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On today’s Sara Carter Show, Rabbi Yaakov Menken of the Coalition for Jewish Values joins Sara to break down the Biden administration’s dreadful response to the wave of anti-semitism crashing on American Jews. Instead of condemning the hate coming from American campuses and newsrooms, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris issued a blanket, tone-deaf statement condemning hate and announcing a “National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia”. Pathetic.

Rabbi Menken also shares the CJV’s most recent ad calling on the NBA, MLB, and NFL to condemn Black Lives Matter and their anti-semitic rhetoric. It shouldn’t be difficult to disavow groups that post images of terrorist paragliders, but the radical left continues to double down on vile hate and refuses to call out the racism of inconvenient organizations.

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Time Stamps:
1:40 The cloaking of Jewish hate
4:08 CJV AD
8:55 Rabbi Menken Joins the Sara Carter Show
12:04 How did extremism get a foothold?
14:39 The memory hole
16:42 Arabs are actually doing very well
18:50 The UN and antisemitism
27:03 Biden’s weak response
33:24 We are the next targets
35:16 Haters cannot have it both ways
38:33 Show Close

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