Rapid COVID Tests Are Hard to Find and Some Are Reselling Them for Triple the Price

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Covid testing is once again becoming an issue as the demand for tests is growing. Specifically, at-home rapid tests are very hard to come by and when you do find them the prices can be inflated. Some are resorting to buying the tests at triple the retail price as they are becoming a necessity for returning to work and school. Kelsey Butler, equality reporter at Bloomberg News, joins us for the unpredictable market for rapid tests.

Next, President Biden began the anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots by denouncing the violence and pinning all the blame on former President Trump. Many Republicans on the other hand handled the day in a variety of ways. Some tried to depict what happened that day as acts of patriotism or defending freedom, others held rallies in support of protestors at the Capitol. One year later, some of the participants are even running for elected office. David Siders, national political correspondent at Politico, joins us for more.

Finally, the current wave of Omicron infections is forcing businesses to scramble to cover their bases while people are calling out or quarantining and it could threaten the economic recovery. Some estimates say that more than 5 million American are in quarantine. The markets have not reacted that way and like with the Delta surge, they hope the rebound will be quick. David Lynch, global economics correspondent at the Washington Post, joins us for how businesses are reacting to the latest wave.

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