Recapping Everything We Know About Arizona with Tyler Bowyer

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Charlie sits down with COO of Turning Point Action and RNC committeeman from the state of Arizona, to recap everything we know about the state of Arizona. Can Abe Hamadeh win? Will the state of Arizona certify the election results? Could 3-5% of Republican voters, i.e., moderates, cost Arizona conservatives? Was it the RNC in DC that failed the state? Was it a combination of all the above? Tyler also walks through what the automatic recount will look like for Abe Hamadeh’s Attorney General race, and what the process could reveal in Kari’s race? How should conservatives transform their voter outreach to make them action rallies, and GOTV activities. Charlie and Tyler also react to Merrick Garland’s announcement that he is assigning a special counsel to determine if charges should be brought against President Trump.

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