Reckless White House Puts America’s Elite Service Members & Families in Danger

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President Biden wanted a photo op with some of America’s elite warriors. And because of it, the lives of those tier-one military operatives and their families are now at greater risk.

While in Israel, Biden posed with members of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force. In their haste to score some public relations points, White House staffers released the photo without obscuring the faces or tattoos of the men in the picture with Biden. The unredacted photo stayed online for an hour. Special operators are very careful to keep a low public profile, knowing that adversaries could target them or their families if their identities are revealed.

Today, Sara is joined by her husband, Marty, who served in Delta Force and was permanently blinded while fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Together, as a combat veteran and a military spouse, they explain the impact of this careless move on the safety and peace of mind of those sworn to defend our nation and the people they love.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Biden betrayed the troops
3:25 Inside Biden’s terrible post
6:21 Spy games are not a secret
8:53 What is terrorism?
10:21 This scares the families
12:14 What about our enemies?
15:40 How does the Delta force feel?
17:50 What can the operators do now?
18:53 We need to wake up folks

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